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8635 Callaghan Road
San Antonio, TX 78230


Welcome home! Destiny Church in San Antonio Texas is first and foremost a family on a mission to tell everyone we can about the good news of Jesus. Come and enjoy the warmth of genuine relationships and be inspired as we learn from the Bible.

Destiny Church is a nondenominational, multi-generational and multi-cultural church where everyone is welcome to experience the love of God and freedom we have in Jesus.

Bobby and April Sayre

Bobby & April Sayre

Bobby and April Sayre

Bobby and April Sayre


It takes time…

In Japan, it takes time to build trust with people before you can share the Gospel with them. One person that we’ve been able to impact is a 12-year-old girl named Asuka (ah-su-ka). She’s our next door neighbor and comes over to our house every Wednesday after school. The girls love to play with her. Her dad is always at work and doesn’t get home until after she’s asleep. He leaves before she wakes up. Over the last year we’ve been talking to her about Jesus (the girls are the best missionaries). Just this week she wrote an essay on the “American family next door” who has impacted her life. She won 1st place in the entire prefecture, out of thousands of students. This is what missions is all about. We have to be in their neighborhood, getting inside their hearts. Continue to pray for this girl and her entire family. We really believe God put us next to her for a reason. She’s an example of the lives that are being touched because of you.

While Japan looks great on the outside, on the inside they are empty. Many feel like they have no sense of purpose. 85% of young people wonder why they exist. Suicide is the leading cause of death in men aged 20-44. The solution to this hopelessness can only be found in Jesus. We know that God has a future and a hope for the Japanese people!

Our goal in Japan is to tell people about Jesus, in a country where less than 1% are Christian. Our current focus is to launch a new outreach center. We’re calling it The Good News Center. We have been remodeling it, and have begun holding services on Saturday nights, and are slowly inviting people to join. We will be using this outreach center to teach English. We’ll also be inviting people to a casual coffee fellowship, and use other creative means to tell people about Jesus. Our hope is that this will grow into a group of people who can form a new church.

How can you help?

The Good News Center is on a very busy street. We are looking to raise $1,500 for media equipment and a sign that will point clearly point people to the new building. Your monthly support helps us to continue to minister in Japan.

When giving, please select “Missions” from the giving dropdown and add "FOR BOBBY & APRIL SAYRE” in the comments section. This will ensure your gift is directed to this ministry.

Other outreach In Japan

  • Teaching English at a church four times a week

  • Preaching in Osaka at a Next Towns church on Sundays

  • Relational evangelism during the week

We think about our church family at Destiny every day! Thank you for being an extension to the nations. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, supported the mission in Japan and encouraged us. We miss you all!

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