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8635 Callaghan Road
San Antonio, TX 78230


Welcome home! Destiny Church in San Antonio Texas is first and foremost a family on a mission to tell everyone we can about the good news of Jesus. Come and enjoy the warmth of genuine relationships and be inspired as we learn from the Bible.

Destiny Church is a nondenominational, multi-generational and multi-cultural church where everyone is welcome to experience the love of God and freedom we have in Jesus.

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A Biblical Picture Of Marriage

Bob Sayre

Genesis 1 & John 8
The union of marriage began in Genesis 1 in the Garden. God decided to make man in "our image." He made them male and female. Because God instituted marriage in the beginning, He is the only one who can define it. We must submit to the Biblical authority of what God says about this important topic.

The Father's Blessing

Bob Sayre

John 1
We have an epidemic in our culture of fatherlessness. On this Father's Day, we celebrate those men who lead their family in a Godly manner. A Father is the single greatest influence in the life of a child. As men we are to use our influence to bless our children - they are a gift from the Lord!

Church Membership

Bob Sayre

Matthew 16 & Ephesians 5
In this message, Pastor Matt talks about membership at Destiny Church. He went over 4 different areas of the Destiny Church Membership Covenant:

1. I will protect the unity of my church.
2. I will share the responsibility of my church.
3. I will serve the ministry of my church.
4. I will support the testimony of my church.

Revive The Dream - Kingsley Armstrong

Bob Sayre

Genesis 48
When God gives you a dream, He doesn't give up on the dream. You might have been 5 years old when God called you, but He is still calling you today. He didn't change his mind or get discouraged by the circumstances. He's still the same God that called you way back when. Don't re-negotiate the call that God has on your life - your call is still the same today!

Jesus Causes Division

Bob Sayre

John 7:25-52
As we conclude John 7, we see that people are still struggling to answer the question “Who is Jesus?” Jesus broke all the molds. He didn’t fit into everyone’s preconceived ideas of who a Messiah should be, what a Messiah would do and the message a Messiah would teach. In fact, a sharp division arises because of the people’s differing opinions about Jesus.

Still to this day, all around the world people are divided over Jesus. In fact, many heresies and false doctrines have arisen over this very point. It’s imperative that we carefully examine what the Bible says about Jesus and formulate our beliefs on Scripture, so that we too are not deceived or led into error.

Jesus Teaches In The Temple

Bob Sayre

John 7:1-24
Many people today are confused about Jesus. Some people think of him as a great moral teacher, spreading a message of love and peace. Others think of him as a great prophet, who taught about God. Yet others still dismiss him altogether as an imaginary character who never existed.

But what we’re going to see in this passage is that this is not a new debate. From the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry, the issue of “Who is Jesus?” was a hot topic, much as it is today. For the next two weeks we’re going to see this story unfold and people divide over who they believe Jesus to be.

We as Christians hold to the truth that Jesus is divine. We believe that Jesus is God revealing himself to us in the flesh. Our future is secure because God has revealed to our hearts the truth about Jesus and we have responded in faith!

Jesus Is The Bread Of Life

Bob Sayre

John 6:22-71
As we continue our sermon series in John’s Gospel, we’re going to see that Jesus is the bread of life and that He alone can satisfy the longings of our soul.

Many times, even as Christians, we seek to satisfy ourselves with the material things of life and not the spiritual. All through John’s Gospel, Jesus uses examples in the material world to teach us spiritual truths. But He always spurs us on to not fall into the trap of finding our worth in the material things of this life. 

Those who were following Jesus wanted a material king for a physical kingdom. That’s not why Jesus came. His kingdom is not of this world. When the multitudes began to realize that Jesus wasn’t who they wanted Him to be, almost all of them forsook Him. Unfortunately, only a handful of disciples were left after hearing this “difficult” teaching. May we be a people whose lives demonstrate to the world that we are true followers Jesus Christ!

Jesus Feeds The 5,000

Bob Sayre

John 6:1-21
In this passage, we’re going to see Jesus perform one of His greatest miracles. Jesus is going to miraculously feed a multitude, which many estimate was about twenty thousand people!

The scripture says that they all ate until they had their fill. They ate, until they could eat no more. But even this large multitude did not exhaust the abundant provisions that Jesus had supplied. There were twelve baskets of food leftover! In this we see that when we come to Jesus hungry, we leave satisfied. In this we see that Jesus supplies in abundance and that He is not constrained by our lack!

The Bible Is All About Jesus

Bob Sayre

John 5:30-47
As we continue our sermon series through the Gospel of John, Jesus is going to teach that the Bible is all about Him. All of the Old Testament points to the arrival of Jesus, the atoning work He did on the cross and the eternal life we have through faith in Him. The New Testament teaches us how we live, as His church, in the light of what Jesus has done. Many people misinterpret Scripture because they do not understand this central truth: The Bible Is All About Jesus!

Jesus Is Equal With God

Bob Sayre

John 5:9-29
As we continue our sermon sermon series through the Gospel of John, we’re going to see that Jesus is equal with God. When Jesus makes this claim, the Pharisees reject Jesus and begin plotting to kill Him.

Jesus goes on to teach that “Whoever does not honor the Son, does not honor the Father” and that whoever doesn’t have faith in Him will come into judgement. Many people struggle with the exclusive claims of Christ, but the truth is, He is the only way to be reconciled to God.