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8635 Callaghan Road
San Antonio, TX 78230


Welcome home! Destiny Church in San Antonio Texas is first and foremost a family on a mission to tell everyone we can about the good news of Jesus. Come and enjoy the warmth of genuine relationships and be inspired as we learn from the Bible.

Destiny Church is a nondenominational, multi-generational and multi-cultural church where everyone is welcome to experience the love of God and freedom we have in Jesus.

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The Spirit Unifies

Ezra Champion

In Acts chapter 2, we see the finest example of a Spirit filled church. This first church is an example for all churches today. We see that they were devoted to one another, by opening up scripture and breaking of bread daily together. With doing all things in remembrance of Jesus' love for His people and His Church, which is the bride of Christ.

The Spirit Empowers

Ezra Champion

In this sermon by pastor Matt, he talks to us about how the Holy Spirit can empower us with boldness to profess God's Word. We hear about the first sermon ever given about Jesus, which was given by the apostle Peter. In his sermon, he uses Scripture as evidence to exalt Jesus to the people who were there in Jerusalem. 

The Spirit Given

Ezra Champion

In this sermon by pastor Matt, he explains to us that in God's word there are types of tongue's mentioned. The physical tongue, different earthy languages, and the heavenly language. In the sermon today going over Acts 2:1-13 we see how the Holy Spirit gave the disciples power to communicate in different languages to tell others about the glory of Jesus.

The Spirit Speaks

Ezra Champion

In this sermon by pastor Matt, he shows us how the disciples waited and prayed continually for ten days till the Holy Spirit came. That prayer and supplication is important in a period of waiting. The disciples, the women with them, Jesus' mother Mary and His brothers were all there praying for the Holy Spirit to dwell in them. 

The Spirit Promised

Ezra Champion

In this sermon by pastor Matt, we head into the books of Acts to see the continued works of Jesus Christ. Jesus tells his desciples to wait for the Holy Spirit to come to the disciples in Jerusalem. The Holy Spirits purpose was to help the disciples witness about Christ.