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8635 Callaghan Road
San Antonio, TX 78230


Welcome home! Destiny Church in San Antonio Texas is first and foremost a family on a mission to tell everyone we can about the good news of Jesus. Come and enjoy the warmth of genuine relationships and be inspired as we learn from the Bible.

Destiny Church is a nondenominational, multi-generational and multi-cultural church where everyone is welcome to experience the love of God and freedom we have in Jesus.

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Jesus Restores

Ezra Champion

In this sermon by pastor Matt, he finishes off the complete sermon lesson of the Gospel of John. In this sermon we see how Jesus restores Peter. Peter, who denied Jesus three times, in John 21 we see how Jesus restores Peter's broken promise. Jesus wants to restore his people today and make them better than before.

Jesus Commissions

Ezra Champion

In this sermon by pastor Matt, he is leading to the conclusion of the Gospel of John. Jesus has presented Himself to His disciples and has given them the order to go into the world an profess Jesus name. This is the Great Commission, to be sent by Jesus in His authority to forgive and save the lost.

Jesus Is Alive

Ezra Champion

In this special Resurrection Sunday sermon by pastor Matt, he explains to us that Jesus is alive today, and that Jesus alone has set us free from our bondage to sin and Satan. Pastor Matt shows us that Christianity would not be possible unless Jesus was alive today, that Jesus didn't only die on the cross, but also rose up again on the third day. 

Jesus Is Crucified

Ezra Champion

In this sermon by pastor Matt, he explains to us the painful death that Jesus endured for us. Even through the time on the cross before Jesus' death, He cared for His people. He cared for His mother, when He told John to take her as his mother. He cared for the people who caused Him to suffer, when He told the Father to forgive them, and He cared for all of us, when He said "It is finished". Our sins are paid in full, and now we are made holy in God's eyes.

Jesus Is Put On Trial

Ezra Champion

In this sermon by pastor Matt, he explains to us that even when Jesus was put on trial, He was always in control. Jesus took the place physical place of Barabbas, but He took the spiritual place for all our sins. Through Jesus being sent down from heaven, we now have a way to be close to the Creator. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice to bring us back to the presence of God. 

Jesus Is Betrayed & Denied

Ezra Champion

In this week’s sermon by Pastor Matt, he explains to us that through Christ we are made righteous. He also explains to us the connection between Jesus and Adam in the Garden, where Adam failed, Jesus passed. Jesus followed in the Father's will and was the perfect sacrifice, for he was spotless and without sin.  

Jesus Makes Us One

Bob Sayre

In this sermon, Pastor Matt goes through Jesus' last prayer and how He prayed for all of us. Jesus' prayer is for us to have unity, just as the Father and the Son were unified. We should resemble the unity in the Father and Son, with one another. As brothers and sisters we should build each other up and not accuse or break each other down. Through our unity, the world will know that God sent Jesus to redeem His people.

Jesus Gives Us God's Word

Bob Sayre

In this weeks sermon by Pastor Matt, he continues from his last weeks sermon about Jesus' Prayer. In Jesus' prayer, He prayed for Himself and that He would glorify His Father. In the conclusion of this week's sermon, Jesus now prays over His disciples, that they would remain in the world but protected from the evil one (Satan). Jesus calls us to be a light in the darkness and to show the lost people God's true light. Pastor Matt explains to us that we must not separate ourselves from the world, for if we do the light of God will not be shown to the lost. 

Jesus Prays

Bob Sayre

In this sermon by Pastor Matt, he explains to us how pray is how Jesus communicated to His Father. When Jesus was with the multitude of people, He would always take time out of his day to spek to His Father. Likewise we also have direct communicate to God through our prayers. In Jesus' prayer, He prays for Himself, His disciples, the people, and most importantly that His works would bring God all the honor and glory. Jesus' prayer is a great model of how we should construct our prays. 

Jesus Has Overcome The World

Bob Sayre

John 16:16-33
In this passage, we see Jesus teaching about hardship, sorrow, tribulation and pain. Why does Jesus share all this “bad news” with His disciples? Jesus said He was telling them these things so that they wouldn’t fall away.

When we experience the difficulties of life, it’s not because Jesus doesn’t know about them or that He is indifferent towards us or our pain. In fact, as you read this whole passage, the love that Jesus has for His disciples is overwhelming! Somehow in God’s sovereign plan, the pain we experience in this world is necessary for the fulfillment of our eternal joy. And the eternal joy we experience will be a joy that no one can take away from us.